Failing Union

photo credit to Pixabay Pexels

Spring is failing 

And it’s not just the forecast 

Crooned by the weather person 

Or news headlines saying - 

‘Scotland still without power,’ - it's failing! 

It’s failing the birds 

And the hibernating animals, 

Too scared to wake, too tired to sleep. 

It’s failing the land 

Choked up with murk and sand, 

Sea swell spewing into empty shells 

As ice shelves melt. 

It's failing the people 

Stung by a gas board rubbing 

Fat hands over fat blue flames.  

As meter's tick, tick, tick, empty - 

Spring is failing.  

Still, the snow falls, 

Blowing from the sky like confetti 

On a stone man’s wedding, 

While the red-breasted bird 

Salvages the last piece of fat 

From the half-moon, hanging by a rope 

On the only tree in the garden.

Spring is failing.


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